PRAKUU is a platform which facilitates the business of maid hiring between accredited recruitment agencies from source countries and licensed Malaysian Recruitment Agencies (APS). Employers can do all the searching, bookings and payments via PRAKUU.

The steps are: 1) First, you register via www.prakuu.my 2) Search and book 3) Make booking payment 4) Make 1st payment after booking accepted by Indonesian/Philippines agent 5) Make 2nd payment after flight or departure date/time is set 6) Received maid from local agent 7) Do FOMEMA and PLKS

The cost/fees includes the following: 1) PLKS Fee 2) FOMEMA Fee 3) Embassy Processing 4) 90 Days Warranty 5) Flight Ticket

The steps are: 1) Submit application to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) 2) JIM to approve and issue the Calling Visa 3) Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta (APS) to submit Calling Visa to Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia (KBRI) 4) KBRI to issue approval letter for maid to travel to Malaysia 5) Maid travel to Malaysia

A local APS (Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta) with valid license from JTK (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) will be responsible to process the maid's registration with JIM.

Not necessarily. We encouraged employer to book more than one maid during the selection process. This will take into account the possibility of the first maid becomes unavailable due to sickness or some other issues.

The warranty is for 90 days.

1 to 1 maid replacement due to unfit, unsuitable and run away.

Employer can view the maid's profile in PRAKUU.

Yes, during the 90-day warranty period

First of all, you will need to do a police report. Once the report has been obtained, the employer must upload a copy of the police report to PRAKUU as proof. Employer will then have to submit these documents (letter of application to cancel PLKS, copy of employer's IC, copy of the maid's passport, Foreign Worker Abscondment Report Form, certified copy of the police report and pay fine against the Personal Bond signed during the application) to JIM and ready to cancel the maid's PLKS.

If the maid has been confirmed to be unfit, unsuitable or run away, the RA from the source country will provide a replacement maid and will be process in Malaysia by the APS.

Yes, but sending the maid to the employer will incurred additional charges.

Expect the arrival between 30 to 45 working days from the completion of the documentations submission.

The minimum salary for employer to hire an Indonesian maid is RM3,000, while the minimum salary for employer to hire a Philippines maid is RM7,000.

The documents needed are: 1) myKAD 2) EA statement 3) Pay Slip 4) Marriage/Death Cert 5) Child Birth Cert 6) Employment Contract 7) Spouse myKAD 8) Any Other Docs (If Necessary)

For Indonesian maid, the salary is RM1,200 per month, while for Philippines maid, RM1,680 per month.

Our cost are 1) Philippines Muslim is RM12,500 2) Philippines Non-Muslim is RM11,500 3) Indonesian Muslim is RM13,600 4) Indonesian Non-Muslim is RM15,950 (all prices tag are inclusive of FAQ item no 3) * Price may change from time to time without prior notice

Yes, you can cancel the order, but the booking fee will be forfeited.

Yes, the booking fee is refundable after you successfully completed the FOMEMA/PLKS.

Yes, you can. But it depends on the situation. If you request for a refund without a valid reason, your request would not be entertained. Even if you have valid reason (such as maid run away, unfit or unavailable), PRAKUU will offer a maid replacement first. If the replacement maid is not available for whatever reason, then you can request a refund from PRAKUU. In the case of a replacement maid but was declined by the employer, the refund given won't be in full (minus all processing cost incurred by PRAKUU, APS and RA).

Yes, we do provide the PLKS renewal service for your existing maid.

Register Clinic and FOMEMA, PLKS and Medical Charges (RM 1,300 for Indonesia, RM 1,350 for Philippine) & Register Clinic and FOMEMA, PLKS and Medical Charges and Fetch and Deliver Maid (RM 1,500 for Indonesia, RM 1,550 for Philippine).

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